On Library 2.0

One of the sources I read was, “Blyberg.net – 11Reasons why Library 2.0 exists and matters.” I found the article very upbeat. What surprised me was the comments that followed the article from readers. The comments seem very polarized – which seems to be the basic problem with Library 2.0. Some readers point to the name “Library 2.0” as the basis of polarization. Others say lack of funds for IT or having to make a choice on which group of patrons to serve is the problem.

Personally I don’t see the problem. I was never a library user before I started working at the library – and I’m sorry to say – when I stop working here, I probably won’t be a library user. Not in the sense of coming to the library building and looking at books. I usually do my research on the Internet from the comfort of home. If I want a book, I will check the library catalog, but usually the library doesn’t have what I’m looking for. What interests me is not mainstream – so the library becomes irrelevant. There are many people like me, and this is where Library 2.0 could help.  What if on-line forums were hosted on a wide array of subjects. An on-line discussion on a certain topic like a book discussion. For example: A collaboration between experts at Longwood Gardens, Winterthur Gardens, local gardeners (patrons) and librarians who are able to find relevant information for patrons interested in the topic of the month. Maybe a bad example – but hands on things are what interests me. I can’t be alone. I like “doing” things – not just reading about them.

I am at the tail end of the baby boom generation, but I truly believe in keeping up with technology – or trying to. Just to be open to new ideas, different ways to work smarter and not harder. If Library 2.0 can bring positive changes to the way all people look at libraries – how can it hurt? I think if libraries don’t find ways to stay relevant – they will disappear – and that would be a shame. Libraries have valuable resources to offer – they just need to keep repackaging these resources for a constantly changing world.



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